Welcome to The Great American Food Drive (TGAFD)

The Great American Food Drive (TGAFD) is a national food drive that directly benefits local food banks and pantries across the country. We believe in the American spirit which empowers us to make a difference in the fight to end hunger. By pulling together we can make a difference and work to make sure that no one goes to bed hungry. Thank you for your interest in TGAFD. We welcome you to the team and look forward to working with you to end hunger.

From Our Farms to Those in Need – The TGAFD Theme

TGAFD empowers you to make a difference on a national level or directly in your community. When you donate through our e-Giving platform 100 percent of your donation goes towards ending hunger. By selecting our National effort, you break your donation up over the participating food banks across the country. The other option is to donate towards an event or directly to the participating food bank in your area. You might be thinking “What’s the catch?”. Yes there are fees to process donations online, but TGAFD does not take those fees out of your donation. To ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the food banks, we add a small donation insurance charge. This insurance covers the fees that we have to pay to process the donation and give it directly to the food bank. The charge is nominal and allows you to know exactly how much of your donation will have a direct impact.

The Tour

TGAFD sponsors both a National and a Virtual Tour. Our TGAFD National Tour is composed of Twenty-two events across the country. With our tour events you become more than a spectator – you become part of the team. Team America is made up of all of the amazing individuals working to end hunger in our nation. Making a donation, volunteering or attending tour events are just some of the ways to make the team.

Our Virtual Tour is also comprised of events across the country but these events are either broadcast or can be participated in from anywhere in the country. Click here to see a list of TGAFD events, their dates and how you can participate. We believe that it is important that the members of the local community who attend our events can have confidence that their food or monetary donations will stay right in their own communities. TGAFD supports and works with food banks and pantries on a local level because that is where it makes the most difference. We look forward to seeing you on the TGAFD Tour!

Support Our Farmers

Farmers play an important role in providing the much needed food to the over 3,000 food banks located throughout America. Without the dedicated hours and tremendous efforts of our American Farmers, many of these food banks would not have the ability to provide fresh fruit and vegetables, quality beef, poultry, and dairy products to the millions of Americans who rely on emergency food assistance through their local banks. Through programs such as Share the Harvest and Fall Food Share, farmers donate millions of pounds food each year to local food banks in towns and cities across the U.S.

Protect the Harvest

Protect the Harvest

We are thankful for the strong support of our farmers from organizations like our national sponsor Protect the Harvest and the hundreds of local Farm Bureaus in America. Please take a stand and let your local, state, and U.S. legislators know that you support your local farmers and their efforts to donate much needed food to their area food bank. Unfortunately today, American Farmers are struggling, due in part, to over government regulation both on the federal and state level, to provide quality food at a reasonable cost . Many farmers are not able to keep up with the costs of the new regulations, forcing them to reduce the amounts of crops that they grow, and in many cases stop farming altogether. We need to help our farmers so that they can continue to provide quality food at a low cost, and also allow them the ability to donate a portion of their crop to their local area food bank.